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Wash your hair twice with Zenix Prokeratin purifying shampoo. Remove the wetness of hair by using towel. Dry hair slightly so that it stays moist. Separate hair into 4 parts. Apply pro keratin cream to all hair according to the length and structure of hair. (Apply firstly to hair tips then middle part and then close to hair ends). Avoid contact with the scalp, nape and face. Hair is separated into thin parts and sufficient amount of the product is applied by a brush. You must not apply the product in big amounts but only enough as much as the hair can absorb. During the application, make continuous combing with fine-tooth comb. Wait between 15 and 20 minutes after application to all hair. The hair dryer at medium temperature is used to dry all hair completely. After the waiting period wash the hair with warm water until the water flows clean. Do not use shampoo. The hair must be completely dried and make the hair straight by using blow dryer. Afterwards, hair straightener tongs can be adjusted between minimum 180-190 degrees and maximum 230 degrees by taking into consideration the structure of the hair. Hair is divided into 5 cm thin parts and press is applied. Sulfate-free shampoo and hair cream should be used after application in order to avoid hair loss. 

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