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Tags: Protein & Keratin Hair Complex Conditioner 1000 ml

Zenix ceratene hair straightener cream straightens your hair while caring for it.  However, duration may vary depending on the processes applied to the hair. In order to ensure the durability of the straightening procedure, you should use shampoos and hair conditioners that are free of sulfate. This will ensure the durability of the process.

Usage Instructions: Wash your hair twice with the sulfate-free purifier shampoo. Take excess water of your hair with a towel. Dry the hair completely and divide it in 3 or 4 parts. Apply the cream throughout your hair, the amount will vary depending on the length and structure of the hair. (Start with the tips of the hair, then move on to middle part, and go closer to the roots but avoid applying it to the hair roots. Use a fine-tooth brush to distribute the ceratene cream to your hair evenly and thorougly. Massage the hair with your fingertips to rub the cream into your hair. Wait 45 minutes after completing the procedure. Dry your hair by a dryer at mild temperature. (Do  not apply higher temperatures, otherwise the ceratene may react to the heat prematurely). Straight your hair in fine parts for 4-6 times. Traightening temperature is 230oC for thick hairs, 205oC  for fine hairs, and 190 oC for dyed hair or hair with  Ombre or Balayage. Do not apply it long to the tips of the hair since they will be very worn.The ceratene will last between 48 - 72 hours on your hair. Straighten the hair the next day and the day after that, using a straightener. On the 3rd day, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo

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